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Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection


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Culiseta minnesotae

Freshwater Invertebrate Collection

SeasonalityMay to mid or late summer. IdentificationPleural areas largely devoid of scales except for a few post-spiracular scales; abdominal tergites banded or patched basally and apically with pale scales; scutal integument reddish-brown; aedeagus sub-parallel sided, broadly rounded or truncate. Larva: very difficult to distinguish from C. morsitans. Antennae as long as head capsule; antennal seta 1-A inserted in the distal third, with branches extending beyond the tip of the antenna; siphon six times longer than greatest width or longer; pecten teeth of the siphon small; head setae 5-C and 7-C usually with more than 6 and 8 branches respectively, seta 4-X (ventral brush) of anal segment generally with 20 or more setae.

Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection