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Ophiogomphus colubrinus

Freshwater Invertebrate Collection

Common NameBoreal Snaketail SeasonalityFlying from early May to late August or early September (Needham et. al., 1955). IdentificationColoration is dominantly green on the head, eyes and thorax, with a black outline around the labrum and facial sutures as well as black lateral stripes on thorax. Eyes do not meet dorsally on the head. The anterior thoracic strip is divided by a narrow green line seen in many other Ophiogomphus species. Legs are entirely black, except for trace green markings on the femora and tibia of females. The abdomen is primarily black with interrupted dorsal and lateral stripes that appear bright yellow and noticeably widen on enlarged segments 7, 8 and 9 and continue on to the caudal appendages of males. Length of the abdomen can vary up to 10mm between individuals. Unlike most other species, male boreal snaketails have small dark coloured horns on their head similar to females; however, females of this species have two pairs of horns, one in front and one behind the eye (Needham et. al. 2000).

Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection