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Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection


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Culiseta alaskaensis

Freshwater Invertebrate Collection

SeasonalityMay – July. IdentificationAdult: ventral margin of anepisternum, anterodorsal angle of katepisternum, postspiracular area, and underside of paratergite all with patches of scales; second and third tarsomeres with white bands occupying one quarter or more of each segment; hypostigmal area scaled; wing scales aggregated into spots at base of Rs and at R2+3 and R4+5, costa subcosta and radius with scattered white scales, crossveins scaled. Larva: antennae half as long as head capsule; siphon three times longer than greatest width; dorsolateral abdominal setae 1-VI and 1-VII usually double, saddle setae fine and minute, prothoracic setae 1-P single; antennae with coarse spicules. See Wood, Dang & Ellis 1979 pdf

Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection