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Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection


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Culiseta inornata

Freshwater Invertebrate Collection

SeasonalityEarly spring to late fall. One of the last mosquitoes present in fall. IdentificationAdult: ventral margin of anepisternum, anterodorsal angle of katepisternum, postspiracular area, and underside of paratergite all with patches of scales; tarsomeres dark-scaled; costa, sub-costa and radius with numerous scattered yellow scales; tarsomeres with pale yellow scales; wing scales not aggregated into spots. Palpus of male with terminal segment inflated, largely lacking setae. Larva: antennae half as long as head capsule; siphon three times longer than greatest width; dorsolateral abdominal setae 1-VI and 1-VII usually triple; saddle setae 1-X as long or longer than saddle, usually single.

Taxonomic Hierarchy for Freshwater Invertebrate Collection