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IN1309 - Hydropsyche sp.

Freshwater Invertebrate Collection Read more about this collection »

Place CollectedCanada: Alberta

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Place CollectedCanada: Alberta
Accession Number IN1309 Scientific Name Hydropsyche sp. View Species Details » Place Collected Canada: Alberta Preparation Type alcohol


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"IN1309 - Hydropsyche sp., Freshwater Invertebrate Collection." University of Alberta Museums Search Site, Accessed 06 Oct. 2022.

Taxonomic Hierarchy

Kingdom Animalia Phylum Arthropoda Class Hexapoda Subclass Insecta Order Trichoptera Superfamily Hydropsychoidea Family Hydropsychidae Subfamily Hydropsychinae Genus Hydropsyche Species Hydropsyche sp.
This hierarchy is created from our museum records, it may not always accurately reflect modern taxonomies.