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MET10907 - Mocs

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Fall/Findfall ClassificationL5-6 ordinary chondrite

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Fall/Findfall ClassificationL5-6 ordinary chondrite
Accession Number MET10907 Name Mocs Synonyms Mocs: Bare, Gjilatelke, Gyulateke, Gyulatelke, Keszu, Klausemburg, Klausenburg, Kyolos, Marokhaza, Mociu, Olah Gyeres, Palatka, Vajda-Kamaras, Visa, Marokháza, Moci, Modoc, Modok, Olah Gyéres Category meteorite Fall/Find fall Classification L5-6 ordinary chondrite Specimen Type individual Place Collected Romania: Cluj, Cluj-Napoca Latitude 46.8 Longitude -248.03333333 Measurements Weight: 15.4 g


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